Daikin Replacement Offer

Daikin are offering an upgrade path on all heat pump systems so that more New Zealanders can use the significantly environmentally friendlier R-32 refrigerant
Refrigerant details
  • Air conditioners transfer heat by circulating refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units of the system
  • Historically, many refrigerants used in the air conditioning industry have had damaging effects on the environment, such as ozone depletion and global warming
  • As the only manufacturer and developer of both refrigerants and air conditioners, Daikin recognised the urgent need to develop and promote better refrigerants with a lower impact on the environment
  • Using its unique expertise, it became the world's first air conditioning manufacturer to adopt its own R-32 refrigerant in its split systems with the release of the innovative US7 in 2012
About this offer:
R-32 is a game-changing next generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat and has a significantly lower environmental impact than its predecessors.