Heat Pump Service & Maintenance

We undertake urgent repairs & scheduled maintenance for your heat pump.

* 24-7 call out available.
Heat pump servicing
  • To preserve the warranty conditions you need to service your heat pump ideally twice per year (summer and winter), but once per year at minimum
  • Gunk buildup is grounds for the factory to refuse honouring the warranty - servicing removes this buildup
  • When it breaks down under warranty for ANY reason it's all free, so getting it serviced can be very worthwhile
  • Warrantys are usually 5-6 years depending on the brand
Request repair or maintenance:
Terms & Conditions
1) Payment is due within 7 working days
2) Late payments are liable for interest at 1.5% per month
3) Clients will be liable for any legal costs incurred
4) Unpaid work could entail other work be suspended without notice